PhotoWalk: Miami Air and Sea Show

PhotoWalk: Miami Air and Sea Show

EXCEPTIONALLY the Meet Up will take place on Sunday the 27th of May as I cannot change the date of Memorial Day :)

There is also a RSVP for people interested in the shared rental. We will meet on the beach between the 12th and the 13th street and you will learn how to shoot planes, helicopters and speed boat.

Everything will be about SHUTTER SPEED! How to keep the movement in your frame or how to freeze the action. I highly recommend you bring tons of water, food, suncream, tent, tripod and the longest lens you have.

I will rent some stuff for the occasion, if you are interested in using it there will will be a fee.

The more are interested in, the biggest I can rent..... Here with the Meet Up link for the shared rental:

As this "walk" is for any photographers I will also bring some stuff and guide the beginners to help them making good images. As usual do not forget to vote for the best image on instagram by using the Miami Photographic center.Your images will be re posted on the instagram of the Miami Photo Center The best image of the theme will be printed out and displayed at the next meet up :)

As a reminder I am a volunteer and this is a FREE EVENT See you there Ronan