Let’s go see the street art and street artists in Wynwood!


Wynwood! Everybody knows this iconic place and especially you fellow photographers, so here is my challenge: making you discover the Wynwood you do not know.

Together we will discover the hidden spots which are outside of the usual tourist attractions. We will avoid the 2nd avenue and the Wynwood Walls.

I am a big fan of street art and I know some of the street artists plus a couple of the local artists, if they are painting and available we will have the opportunity to photograph them and talk with them.

I will explain you how to photograph huge murals with a normal range lens, which lens I use/prefer and why.

We will also do some portraits in natural light. (or how to use a diffuseur and foam boards, photography on a budget 😊)

We will start early but it will be hot! So please come with a bag pack filled with plenty of water.

Ronan Colin


We provide Photography Workshop, Artist Talk and Photowalk in Miami with one motto :Unleash you Creativity !

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