Introduction to Drone Photography Workshop

man operating of flying drone quadrocopter at sunset

This introductory Drone Photography Workshop will teach you everything you need to know to get started. You do not need to own a Drone to take this class as we will show you which drone is right for you. If you own one please bring it along.

During this workshop you will learn what you need to know before flying, such as registering your equipment, conditions for safe operation, where you can fly in Miami and where you cannot fly.

After the two hour presentation, it will be hands on and you will get to fly the drones indoors until you get comfortable with flying by yourself and then outdoors.

This workshop will help you get started with taking amazing aerial photos. At the same time, we will teach you to avoid the many pitfalls or problems you may face when learning to fly, learning to choose the right location to fly all while doing it safely.

As a photographer you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to take epic aerial shots. Learn the different settings to fly with the DJI GO 4 app and basic post processing techniques to achieve the best quality images.

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We provide Photography Workshop, Artist Talk and Photowalk in Miami with one motto :Unleash you Creativity !

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