Mastering the Art of Digital Printing Workshop

This workshop takes you from start to finish through the process of creating high-quality digital prints. First your Instructor will give you all the basic knowledge you need to achieve your goal : What makes a good print vs a bad print, Selecting the right Printer for your photograph, creating a Printing Workflow, how to print from Photoshop and Lightroom, Prepping the Image for Printing, Sizing and Sharpening and finally selecting the right paper for your print.
In the second part of the workshop we will get hands on and you will start printing your best image(s) on Epson’s latest Wide format printer(s) on some of the best Photo paper available today (the paper is included in the cost of this workshop).

You will leave excited about your new digital printing photographic skills. Here are a few examples of what people have to say about our Workshops:

This is an intermediate level Workshop which requires you to have the basic knowledge of photography (if you have not, we recommend you take our Basic Digital Photo Workshop and Introduction to Lightroom Workshop first).

This Workshop is brought to you by Epson, the Miami Photo Center, The Leica Store Miami and Image Pro International.

Check out our Calendar to find out the next date for this event.

We provide Photography Workshop, Artist Talk and Photowalk in Miami with one motto :Unleash you Creativity !

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