Signature Fashion Photography Workshop by Celebrity Photographer: Michel Tessier

Fashion Photography Workshop by Michel Tessier: A Miami Photographic Center Signature Workshop – Miami – December 5th-6th. 2019

This two Days Signature Fashion Photography Workshop by Celebrity Photographer : Michel Tessier  is the best way to acquire the professional and artistic dimension of fashion photography, introducing you and sharing with you his experience with the famous fashion photographers he has worked with, showing you their work and their influence on fashion photography today.

During these two days, with Michel Tessier and his team, you will be immersed in the fascinating world of the shooting studio where professional models will come to pose for you, Hair and make up made and dressed by creators, you will be able to leave with these images witness of a magical moment that will be the beginning of a career for some and a complement to their portfolio for others.

Limited to 12 People so you get the upmost time and attention learning and shooting.

Location: Professional Photo Studio

Professional models styled by a makeup/hair artist

Lunch and snacks provided

Class Objective:

This class is designed to teach students how to direct a fashion photo shoot. The expected outcome is for students to learn to direct a team of people in front of and behind the camera in order to create an image that a client would buy to sell their product in the marketplace.

Fashion Workshop Day 1:

AM Part 1 (3 hours):

  • I. Course Orientation
  • II. Introduction to Fashion Photography
  • III. History of fashion Michel Tessier will share his experience working with famous photographers at Vogue, Marie-Claire etc.. and his knowledge acquired with the students
  • A. The role of photography in shaping fashion trends
  • B. Major historical movements in fashion photography
  • C. Photographic masters and trendsetters.
  • 1. Richard Avedon
  • 3. Helmut Newton
  • 4. David Bailey
  • 5. Irving Penn
  • 7. Patrick Demarchelier
  • 8. Steven Meisel
  • 9. Peter Lindbergh
  • 10. Annie Liebovitz
  • 11. Guy Bourdin
  • 12. David Lachappelle
  • 13. Jean-Lou Sieff  

IV) Introduction to the art of the model casting

V) Miami model agency

VI) Street casting, for what purpose?

PM Part 2 (3 hours):

VII) Overview of production

  • A. Composition through pose, propping and scene elements
  • B. Make-up
  • C. Hair
  • D. Lighting patterns and effects
  • E. Hard light
  • F. Soft light
  • G. Contrast for mood and effect
  • H. Studio/location
  • I. Sensitivity, set and model considerations

Fashion Workshop Day 2:

AM Part 1 (3 hours) : In the studio with model, fashion stylist, make-up artist

I. Fashion/Model Head Shots

  • A. Pose
  • B. Expression
  • C. Applications of lighting
  • D. Lighting styles
  • E. Use of low and high key
  • F. Background selection

II. Working with Models and Figure Fashion

  • A. Pose
  • B. Visual mood
  • C. Black and white vs. color
  • D. Model portfolio requirements
  • E. Model promotion piece “Zed Card”

III. Catalog Fashion and Fashion in Advertising

  • A. Visual advertising
  • B. Model as a prop
  • C. The role of the stylist
  • D. Studio figure fashion
  • E. Location figure fashion
  • F. Non figure fashion
  • G. Flats
  • H. Stacks

PM Part 2 (3 hours):

IV) The Photo Shoot Directed by You and Michel Tessier.

V) Review critique and comment of your raw files with Michel Tessier.

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