SmartPhone Photography Workshop

hand woman taking photo at road and sunset.

This six-hour workshop is ideal for those of us on the run, mothers, fathers, teachers and anyone that wants to advance their smartphone photography to the next level.

The workshop is divided into three parts, first, an intensive lecture that helps you understand the importance of looking at good photographs combined with simplifying the technical components of the smartphone. Second, we go out to the real world to put to practice all the tips and techniques on making a better picture. At the end, all the students will learn how to process their images by downloading them on a computer and participating in a group critique with the instructor and other students.

There will also be a segment on printing your smartphone image from either a computer or directly from the smartphone. You will leave with more photographic tools in your hand and overly excited about your new photography skills. This workshop will also give you the opportunity to interact with other people who love photography. Here are what people have to say about our Workshops:

This Photo Workshop is open to ALL smartphone and camera users from beginners on up with a passion of photography.

You will have the opportunity to photograph for two hours in the designed area, specifically selected for this workshop to work on composition, exposure, focus and many more techniques.

The aim of this Workshop is to help students find subject matter that may seem to be uneventful day to day, to creating with instructors’ help, spectacular images that are hidden in plain sight.

We encourage students to be experimental in their quest for great images, and we will give you all the tools you need to capture these images.

We teach all our courses in small groups to give students the maximum individual attention possible to help them develop their photography skills.

Check out our Calendar to find out the next date for this event.

We provide Photography Workshop, Artist Talk and Photowalk in Miami with one motto :Unleash you Creativity !

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