Wynwood Street Photography Workshop


This fun and educational workshop combines 3 parts: first a 2 hours’ photo class, where you will learn all about the History of Street Photography, well known Street Photographers and the association between the subject matter and its surroundings.

Next, a 3 hours photo Walk with your instructors giving you tips on framing, vantage point, details to name a few and finally 1 hour class critique to review and discuss your images and what you have learned. You will leave excited about your new photography skills. Here is what people have to say about our Workshops: https://goo.gl/JVTtJY
This Photo Workshop is open to ALL photographers from beginners on up; and cameras of all levels from cell phones to DSLR.

You will have the opportunity to photograph street murals by various artists; from local to world-renowned artists. Wynwood is one the hot spots for street photography, it never disappoints, every Wynwood Photo Workshop is unique as some of the non-commissioned murals are redone every few months.

A Map of our walk and of the Wynwood walls will be provided. At the end of the walk we will gather at an area restaurant where we will review the photos.

The Wynwood Walls is the epicenter of the Wynwood Art District. Conceived by Tony Goldman and Jeffrey Dietch, it is a collection of curated murals by artists from around the world, on the walls of former warehouses which form a series of courtyards. Join us on a Wynwood Walls Tour to learn about this remarkable and unique space in the Wynwood Art District.

The aim of this Workshop is to help students look past what may seem to be uneventful day to day life on the streets, and find that unique shot hidden in plain sight.
We encourage students to be experimental in their quest for great images, and we will give you all the tools you need to capture these images.

We start with a brief overview of the master photographers who’ve created the classic foundation of street portraiture on which contemporary photographers continue to build. Using these masters as inspiration, we engage in daily assignments to make portraits—both formal and candid—of one person, two people, and groups. These are created against street backgrounds with artificial and natural light.
We guide you step by step through the process and teach you how to bring out the best in your natural light portrait photos.
DSC_3006We teach all our courses in small groups to give students the maximum individual attention possible to help them develop their photography skills.

Course topics:

Location: How to pick the best location for your street Photography; what to look for, and what to avoid. We’ll teach you to anticipate the shot and learn to use your surroundings to enhance your images.

Lenses: We’ll discuss in depth the various lenses you might use in Street Photography, and what the benefits and drawbacks of each type of lens are.

Composition: You’ll learn how to craft perfect images by pulling together the various elements of your surrounds, as well as the use of props.

Technical Aspects: You’ll learn the technical skills you’ll need to take your Street Photography images to the next level, including shutter speeds, exposures, apertures, and depth of field. Using a variety of focuses and depth of fields can result in unique and interesting images that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

Motion: How to use motion in your images for maximum effect. Some of the most powerful images have a sense of movement to them. You’ll learn to judge when to bring the motion of everyday life into your images, and when you capture your subject perfectly still.

You’ll also learn everything you need to know to photograph people in public in the safest way possible, as well as learn the legal and moral aspects of Street Photography to properly equip you for the real-world experience.


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We provide Photography Workshop, Artist Talk and Photowalk in Miami with one motto :Unleash you Creativity !

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