You Can Donate Your Old Camera Gear to Help Children learn photography

P1130289-2Looking to put your old gear to work? We can use all kinds of used equipment for our youth program, and we will make sure that your contribution is put to good use.

Designed to develop visual literacy through photography our New Youth program support the development of observational, reasoning, language-arts, and image-creation competencies.

Our program uses the photographic medium as a vehicle for self-expression and an understanding of photography’s role in documenting history and culture.

DSC_2588To donate used (and new) working cameras, lenses, and accessories to help the new Youth program we are developing, all you have to do is let us know what gears you have, put everything in a box and we will send you a FedEx or USPS label to ship it to us.

To get started email us at : or DM us on Social Media.



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